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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I visit the island or do I have to be a guest?

    No, Osea Island is private property and only accessible to guests who book accommodation on the Island.

  • Do Taxi's drive straight from the train station to the island?

    Yes, we have a resource of Taxi drivers who will do the journey, it costs £35.00 from Witham station or Osea to Witham.

  • How do the tides work?

    Osea is a tidal island and is accessible via a mile long road for a 4 hour period every 12 hours. Outside of these times access is via boat (The river taxi which takes 8/10 minutes, must be pre-booked in advance, a fee is applicable) or by helicopter (London/ Battersea Heliport, 20 mins, a fee is applicable).

  • How do we find out the tide times?

    A Tide Time chart will be provided for your convenience by email when you book.

  • How do the tide times affect my arrival and departure times?

    Arrival is based on the same principle guests are permitted to arrive according to the tide but are still restricted to actually having entry to the accommodation until it has been prepared for their arrival which in most cases would be between 12noon- 2pm- If the property is vacated earlier the guest will be informed upon arrival. Whist waiting to have access to the accommodation guests can enjoy and explore the island.

  • Are there any area along the tidal road where a car can pass me?

    This is rare, but if this does happen please contact the islands maintenance team (numbers provided when you book and are in your welcome pack) and you will be assisted.

  • Where can I park my car?

    For all guests who stay in cottages and apartments in the village, please off load your car and then park in the courtyard. This will be shown to you once you have arrived. For the Manor House, the Captains House and the two coast facing cottages , Manor beach I & II you are welcome to keep your cars with you and can park right outside your property.

  • What happens if I miss low tide and can no longer access the island by car?

    You have three options: Option one: Decide to wait (approx 8 hours) for the next low tide. Option two: drive back to Bentals shopping centre, grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat (only a few miles away) or Option three, drive to Heybridge Basin and contact the water taxi service to see if it would be possible to arrange a last minute trip.

  • How do I arrange the water taxi and where do I catch it from?

    With regards to the water taxi, you have to pre-book in advance and pay direct. The water taxi leaves from Heybridge basin, it can take up to 6 people but numbers may be reduced if bringing luggage with you. Generally if coming from the mainland cars are parked at Heybridge basin car park, and you can pick up the cars when it is low tide again, or if departing from the island, the water taxi picks you up from the beach outside the manor house and you would need to take a taxi to the station or drive your car if it is there already. The water taxi costs £60 each way from Heybridge basin.

  • How big is the water taxi?

    It can take up to 6 people; it does not transport your vehicle.

  • Amenities & Facilities

  • Are there any shops on the island?

    There are no shops on the island itself. Supermarkets are locally available and are approximately a 10 minute drive away, when the tide permits road access. If you are in urgent need please do always ask a member of our team if they are able to help.

  • Are linen and towels provided

    Osea provides bath towels, linen and soap but best to bring beach/pool towels and of course great walking shoes.

  • Are pets permitted?

    We have a selection of accommodation which permit pets: The Manor House: up to 3 dogs The Captains House: up to 2 dogs Cottages: Honey Pot Sweet shop Mulberry The willows Beehive and Puffin Burrow cottage. Apartments: Cherry blossom Garden house Rosetti and Orange blossom

  • Do you charge for pets?

    Yes £25.00 per pet. Please bring own food, drinking bowls and beds. Pets are not permitted on furniture or beds and please ensure they are dried and wiped down before entering properties after muddy walks around the island.

  • Do you have WiFi

    Yes. We have wifi across the majority of properties on the island.

  • Where are the nearest supermarkets or shops?

    The nearest pub is around 3 miles away, and the nearest town is Maldon, with a high street that has everything from retails stores to Costa coffee. There are two Tesco’s, one in the Bentals shopping centre and a 24 hour Tesco’s just a few miles out.

  • Will the supermarkets deliver?

    It is best to purchase as much of your required groceries as you can before you arrive. Ocado deliver, but always best to double check before confirming your order, and ensure your delivery window coincides with the tidal restrictions.

  • Do you have travel cots?

    Yes, we can supply a travel cot for the duration of your stay, but please pre-book due to limited availability.

  • How far are the cottages to one another?

    There are 9 cottages which are all located in the village a stone’s throw away from one another; many are right next door to one another. The two coast facing cottages Manor Beach I and Manor Beach II are next to the Manor House and Captains House and are situated next to one another.

  • Where are the apartments located?

    They are inside a large house called The Courtyard. It has a communal hallway by which most of the front doors of the apartments lead off from. The courtyard is located in the Village next to the outdoor heated pool.

  • How do I book?

    By filling out an enquiry form on our website. A member of our team will get back to you in due course.

  • Can I book the entire island for exclusive use?

    Yes, please contact our Events Director, Fleur, via email fleur@oseaisland.co.uk with any enquiries

  • Can I invite guests to visit me if I am a staying on the island?

    On special occasions a few visitors are permitted but this is by prior arrangement, guest’s names and arrival times will be required and are compulsory (specific guest list). Access is permitted only with prior consent and could be declined if we are not informed.

  • What are my dining options?

    The island is self-catering and you have fully fitted kitchens. If you wish to celebrate on a large scale for example anniversaries, family get together’s, birthdays we can provide catering for your party and you can hire and dine in one of our indoor venues.

  • What is you policy on children on the island?

    Children are very welcome but please be advised this is an island with rugged terrain , surrounded by water, and may be hazardous to young children if left unsupervised. Please do not let your children wander around without your supervision. Children are never permitted in the pool without adult supervision. Please do not encourage your child to feed the animals without you being with them as animals can be temperamental.